Pros and Cons of Online Dating

loveThe development of technology has completely changed the way human beings connect. Dating, being one of the most fundamental of human connections, has also changed a big deal with the evolution of online dating. Statistics show that more people are signing up to online dating platforms than ever before. Different people have had different experiences when it comes to online dating. Some people are having remarkable experiences and ending up in satisfying relationships while others tell tales of frustration and confusion. Just like any other method of dating, it has both its benefits and drawbacks which are what we’ll explore in this article.

Advantages of online dating.

1. Saving time

Online dating platforms have embraced technology by developing applications for both PC and smart devices. As people’s lives become busier by the day, more people are finding it harder to meet others traditionally. Therefore, finding interested people online becomes a much better alternative. As long as you have an internet connection and a PC or mobile device, you are ready to go.

2. You get a variety

The best thing about online dating is the level of choice and variation a user is exposed to. Since everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to dating, online dating platforms help you to tailor your experience so that you can easily find someone with whom you can have a connection. Since the user has all the control, you can choose whom you’d like to meet and those you’d never want to speak to again.

3. Rejection

rejectedOne of the biggest fears people have while dating is the fear of being rejected. Online dating has created an environment where it’s easier to handle rejection when it occurs. Let’s face it; a few things compare to the feeling of straight up rejection on your face. Having this platform as a middleman makes the process that much simpler for both individuals. Also, when you get a message from someone who you can’t particularly rhyme with, letting them down is as easy as ignoring their message or politely declining their offer.


1. Safety and deception

One of the biggest issues when it comes to online dating is the problem of security and fraud. People like to portray themselves as they would like to be rather than the way they are. You can never be sure whether a person is who they say they are. Most people online aren’t what they say they are. Starting from the way they look to their personalities. It’s no surprise that you can meet someone who looks nothing like their display pictures and someone else whose personality doesn’t match that of the person online.

2. The stigma

Since online dating platforms are an unconventional way of meeting people you’d like to date, the method is still looked down upon by many. The social stigma has lessened over time since online dating became more mainstream. However, some people still aren’t comfortable saying that they met via an online dating service. This is mostly because there is that perception that individuals who use the service are perceived as lonely and socially incapable of having normal relationships.

Online dating has come a long way since its inception during the early 90s. It’s has become a billion dollar industry and has also helped countless people find their soul mates. The biggest problem in the sector lies in deception. However, it can be argued that people can also be deceitful in person. Since most devices have a camera, face to face communication online has never been easier. Dating online can be a fun and fulfilling experience. However, one is advised to use their best judgment online.