How Communication Heals Relationships

communication channelsThe basis of a healthy and fun relationship lies in understanding each other through communication. Genuine loving and nurturing relationships is not happening on many of those people in a relationship. The reason many relationships are falling is due to people’s ego getting in their way and their unwillingness to be more thoughtful to act soberly. Anger, past resentments and unwillingness to compromise works on ruining relationships.

Here are some simple researched ways you can improve your connections with others through communication.

1.    Stop yelling and disengage

When you and your partner are yelling at each other, you are not effectively communicating. You are not listening to each other’s point of view. There is no true dialogue in yelling as there is no meeting of the minds. Yelling as a behavior is merely a pointless waste of time. When annoyed, we should re-engage a disagreement at a later time when both of those involved have cooled down.

2.    Share your feelings

Discussing what you need and how you feel can be difficult.  However, people can only begin to understand you at a deep level if you can share what you feel about them. So, to improve on communication, go ahead and express yourself. When you do not want to talk, use a journal to explore the feelings that you are facing trouble trying to communicate. Take some time to reflect until you are ready to talk about issues disturbing you.

3.    Build trust

TrustTrust is the safe feeling that allows you to be vulnerable with another person without fear of judgment, betrayal, and abandonment among others. Research has shown that there is a particular time during a relationship when trust can be cultivated and strengthened. When someone expresses a need of emotional connection and support and during disagreements that is the time to listen to them and build more trust. Listening deeply to your friends, family, and partners during these times can pave the way for trust, enabling you to be more open and supportive to one another.

4.    Listen deeply and manage conflict

One of the best ways you can show your family, friends, and partner that you care is through listening to them with an open mind and full attention. Turn off all distractions and make eye contact with the person communicating to you. Accommodate the idea of being vulnerable. When we talk about vulnerability, we talk about the idea of exposing yourself emotionally to someone else and truly opening up to them.

Conflict management is one of the greatest and essential skills needed for smooth communication. This includes clear and open communication founded on shared exploration, mutual respect and collaborative problem-solving. It is quite paramount to allow yourself to feel and express anger but also focus on managing it wisely.