Essentials for Strong Company Branding

Lets take a situation you have realized that your towing company brand is all over place or another situation where you have a defined brand, but you realize it’s not as good as you want it to be. If that is the case, there are a couple of things you can do to get your brand up and kicking. Let’s first start by understanding what brand strategy is;

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy refers to a plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals that can be achieved with the evolution of a successful brand. It combines all components of your company’s characters that make your brand identifiable. A well-defined and executed brand strategy will affect all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions as well as a competitive environment.

Here are some of the components that make a competitive branding strategy


Every brand will always make a promise. However, in a marketplace where consumer confidence is low and expectations are very high, it is not just making a promise that will separate a brand from another. You need to have a defined purpose. When a purpose is specific, it will serve as a differentiator between you and your competitors. To define the purpose, it must be both functional and intentional.


The key to achieving consistency is to avoid talking about things that are not related to your brand. If you must add a new photo or image to your Facebook page, it must have a meaning and purpose, that relates to what you do. It must be aligned to your message and should never confuse your audience. You must do all it takes to give your brand a platform to stand and make the right noise.


Customers will always never be rational. There is a need for you to use emotional branding to create a community around your brand. Provide your customers with an opportunity to feel like they are part of a larger group. Position yourself as the obvious and best choice for your customers.  Note that people will always have an innate desire to build relationships, so work as much as you can to build these relationships with your customers.


In a fast-changing world, marketers must aim to remain as flexible as possible to stay relevant. Additionally, being flexible will free you up to be creative in your campaigns. While consistency will aim at setting the standard for your brand, flexibility will enable you to make the right adjustments that are aimed at building interest and distinguishing your approach from that of a competitor.

While achieving a sense of consistency is quite important if you want to build a strong brand, you should also know a style guide will also help you achieve a cohesive digital experience. It is equally important for your employees to be very well versed on how to communicate with your customers and represent your brand. Make your employees be part of the face of your brand

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

The internet has given us a lot of opportunities to do business online. If you have a business, you can use social media platforms the way Cape Coral Towing makes use of Facebook and Instagram ads to promote their services. Facebook presents a great platform to advertise your business and interact with your prospects.

If you are looking forward to advertising your products on Facebook, here are some tips you can put in place.

Sign up for a business page

The first thing you need is to create a business page. Doing so would not take you a lot of time. All you need is to log on to Facebook, click Pages, and on the left sidebar, choose – Create a New Page. Getting started is fairly simple. Upload a profile picture, a cover photo, and fill in basic information about your business. You will include the type of business you want to run, whether a B2B business, a local business, or an eCommerce site.

Optimize your profile

Now that you have your profile set up and running, the next important step is to optimize your pages. This will involve writing the About section, and adding business information such as details about your website, business hours, and call to action – on issues such as Book Now, Shop Now, Sign Up, among others. Additionally, you would want to draft several posts that will keep your audience engaged. Figure out on the type of posts they might want to read about.

Be Active on Facebook Groups

A great way of promoting your business on Facebook is through participating in Facebook Groups. You can make meaningful engagements with public groups or just join private Facebook Groups. To get started on the whole process, you will first need to consider the type of groups your audience would love to be part of, then join the same communities your audience is active in.

Promote events

Another good way to promote your business on Facebook is by use of events. If you are a local business, this point would make a lot of sense. Attracting people to your local event should not be a very big deal, because you have a lot of tools at your disposal. All you need is to post your event on Facebook and plan an ad campaign as well.

Interact with your followers

This might seem like a very basic thing, but it is very important to interact with your followers. The best way to get engagements on social media is to ensure your posts show up on your followers. To do that, you must create an interaction. Ensure you answer questions your customers have, respond to their comments, and participate in online communities.

You can also make use of Facebook live streaming, which is an excellent tool for promoting your business and providing valuable content to your audience. You can use this feature to showcase your company culture and host different discussions affecting your business. You can host contests and other competitions on live streams to bring more engagements with your prospects.

Best Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses

I came to understand the importance of pricing strategy while setting up prices for different services in Price is what you decide to charge for what you are selling. It sounds easy, but there is more than what you can think. Any business that wants to succeed in a market full of competitors must craft a winning pricing strategy. Finding the sweet spot in terms of pricing has a lot more than just finding out what customers are willing to pay at any given time. Good prices should be sustainable and flexible.

Pricing is important because it is a major determinant of whether a customer will buy or not. Pricing entails the way you translate the value of what you are selling into cash. A low price can put you out of business especially if you don’t factor in overheads. A very high price will also cut you out of the market.

If you are figuring out on the best pricing strategy your business must adopt, here is how to go about it.

Competitive pricing

Competitive based pricing happens if you are selling products that are similar to your competitors. It works best for products as compared to services. It follows the going market rates to a set price. Your idea here is to charge a premium price to get ahead. For you to get a higher price, you must be innovative. You will need to come up with generous payment terms and extra features to lock down a bigger market share.

Value-based pricing

This pricing strategy is simply based on what customers are willing to pay. First, you will need to do some research to find a competitive price. The second step is to list all the things that make your product different. That will be the basis of you defending your pricing strategy. With value-based pricing, it is not going to be one-off pricing, but rather something you will keep on tweaking. Customers will pay based on what they think the value is.

Penetration pricing strategy

This pricing strategy happens if your business is looking to break into a new market. Your business will enter a new market at a low price, and then you start raising the price gradually as customers start to notice your high value. Penetration pricing is vested on customer loyalty. It will be based on the value you are placing on your goods and services and on the hope that customers will stay with you even as the price adjusts upwards.

Premium Pricing Strategy

Premium pricing strategy is the best pricing strategy for high-end or luxury items. It works only is a business that has a solid brand. Perceived value is what makes premium pricing sell. A good example is how SAAS products make use of this pricing strategy. They offer different premium pricing from the basic level up to their highest level and none of these prices are low either.

For whatever pricing strategy you choose to adopt, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Don’t go too low on pricing, be patient with your pricing, and know your market.