Best Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses

I came to understand the importance of pricing strategy while setting up prices for different services in Price is what you decide to charge for what you are selling. It sounds easy, but there is more than what you can think. Any business that wants to succeed in a market full of competitors must craft a winning pricing strategy. Finding the sweet spot in terms of pricing has a lot more than just finding out what customers are willing to pay at any given time. Good prices should be sustainable and flexible.

Pricing is important because it is a major determinant of whether a customer will buy or not. Pricing entails the way you translate the value of what you are selling into cash. A low price can put you out of business especially if you don’t factor in overheads. A very high price will also cut you out of the market.

If you are figuring out on the best pricing strategy your business must adopt, here is how to go about it.

Competitive pricing

Competitive based pricing happens if you are selling products that are similar to your competitors. It works best for products as compared to services. It follows the going market rates to a set price. Your idea here is to charge a premium price to get ahead. For you to get a higher price, you must be innovative. You will need to come up with generous payment terms and extra features to lock down a bigger market share.

Value-based pricing

This pricing strategy is simply based on what customers are willing to pay. First, you will need to do some research to find a competitive price. The second step is to list all the things that make your product different. That will be the basis of you defending your pricing strategy. With value-based pricing, it is not going to be one-off pricing, but rather something you will keep on tweaking. Customers will pay based on what they think the value is.

Penetration pricing strategy

This pricing strategy happens if your business is looking to break into a new market. Your business will enter a new market at a low price, and then you start raising the price gradually as customers start to notice your high value. Penetration pricing is vested on customer loyalty. It will be based on the value you are placing on your goods and services and on the hope that customers will stay with you even as the price adjusts upwards.

Premium Pricing Strategy

Premium pricing strategy is the best pricing strategy for high-end or luxury items. It works only is a business that has a solid brand. Perceived value is what makes premium pricing sell. A good example is how SAAS products make use of this pricing strategy. They offer different premium pricing from the basic level up to their highest level and none of these prices are low either.

For whatever pricing strategy you choose to adopt, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Don’t go too low on pricing, be patient with your pricing, and know your market.