Best Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses

I came to understand the importance of pricing strategy while setting up prices for different services in Price is what you decide to charge for what you are selling. It sounds easy, but there is more than what you can think. Any business that wants to succeed in a market full of competitors must craft a winning pricing strategy. Finding the sweet spot in terms of pricing has a lot more than just finding out what customers are willing to pay at any given time. Good prices should be sustainable and flexible.

Pricing is important because it is a major determinant of whether a customer will buy or not. Pricing entails the way you translate the value of what you are selling into cash. A low price can put you out of business especially if you don’t factor in overheads. A very high price will also cut you out of the market.

If you are figuring out on the best pricing strategy your business must adopt, here is how to go about it.

Competitive pricing

Competitive based pricing happens if you are selling products that are similar to your competitors. It works best for products as compared to services. It follows the going market rates to a set price. Your idea here is to charge a premium price to get ahead. For you to get a higher price, you must be innovative. You will need to come up with generous payment terms and extra features to lock down a bigger market share.

Value-based pricing

This pricing strategy is simply based on what customers are willing to pay. First, you will need to do some research to find a competitive price. The second step is to list all the things that make your product different. That will be the basis of you defending your pricing strategy. With value-based pricing, it is not going to be one-off pricing, but rather something you will keep on tweaking. Customers will pay based on what they think the value is.

Penetration pricing strategy

This pricing strategy happens if your business is looking to break into a new market. Your business will enter a new market at a low price, and then you start raising the price gradually as customers start to notice your high value. Penetration pricing is vested on customer loyalty. It will be based on the value you are placing on your goods and services and on the hope that customers will stay with you even as the price adjusts upwards.

Premium Pricing Strategy

Premium pricing strategy is the best pricing strategy for high-end or luxury items. It works only is a business that has a solid brand. Perceived value is what makes premium pricing sell. A good example is how SAAS products make use of this pricing strategy. They offer different premium pricing from the basic level up to their highest level and none of these prices are low either.

For whatever pricing strategy you choose to adopt, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Don’t go too low on pricing, be patient with your pricing, and know your market.

Ways to Identify More Business Opportunities

opportunitiesTo be a successful entrepreneur, you need to continually innovate and look for opportunities from all sectors of your business. While working with a towing service company that has always been the norm. But the big question lies on the ways and processes that businesses use to find new opportunities and new markets to accelerate their growth levels.  If you are looking forward to finding new opportunities for your business to grow, here are a couple of ways to go about it.

Consider past leads

It is very important to listen to your potential clients as well as past leads. With your potential and target clients, listen to their needs, challenges and wants, as well as frustrations they face. Ask yourself if they have used similar products and services before. What features and elements did they like or not like? Ask yourself why they came to you, and if they have any objections to your services and products. These questions will help you find opportunities that can help in developing more tailored products and services.

Look at your competitors

You need to do some little competitive research to see what others in your industry are doing. What are they doing and which areas do you think they are failing? What aspects are they doing right and why are customers going to them? A good analysis for your competitors will help in identifying key business opportunities that can help you in expanding and developing better products and services on what you are already offering.

Industry Trends

You need to look at industry trends, if you want to expand on your business. You can subscribe to industry publications, set Google alerts, join relevant associations or follow industry experts. You need to absorb yourself to your industry by identifying what’s new and what’s happening in the market. If you can be able to offer what trending in the market, you stand a better chance to expand to new markets.

Listen to your customers

Your customers play a key role in helping you decide the next course of action and directions your business should take. Your customers will always have questions that need answers, based on the experiences they have interacting with your products and services. It can be a valuable customer information that can help you in identifying key business opportunities that can help you expand on what you are currently offering.

How to Balance Between Family and Business

familyWhen it comes to any business, be it Towing Columbia SC or a tech startup, communication is very important. There is a notion that today’s entrepreneurs are totally focused on their new business to a point of quitting their jobs, dropping from college all in pursuit of their dreams. The reality of the matter is that entrepreneurship is never that simple. Most entrepreneurs lack the resources required to keep their business up and running for a typical 18 months. It becomes even harder finding a balance between your startup and business.

When you are looking at finding the right balance, here are a few things you need to consider.

Family First

Balancing between your job, family and a new business is a tough call to make. The most important thing to do is to understand that family comes first no matter what. You need to prioritize your relationship with family and constantly be involved in affairs that matter to them. Putting happiness in the hearts of your family members will go a long way towards ensuring that all other aspects of your life are as well successful.

Your health, your priority

You need to put the right amount of effort on ensuring that you get the right health standards. In many cases, new entrepreneurs sacrifice their health in an effort to balance their work. You need to understand that your health is indeed an asset. You need to go at length towards ensuring that your health is at its prime condition. When you take care of your body at every stage of your life, it goes ahead to ensure that you have the mental capabilities to carry on your tasks and deliver on challenging tasks.

Be grateful

You need to show a lot of gratitude in everything you do. It is very important to admit that you are not perfect and acknowledge your mistakes when you commit them. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to be very grateful and optimistic as this goes ahead to ensure you can meet your dreams. You need to prioritize things in a way that can help you reach high levels of efficiency. You need to eliminate complains in your life as much as possible. This helps in fueling positivity in your life and has a positive impact on your delivery and performance.

Work smart

Starting a new business will drain a lot of your time and this calls for the need to work smart. Actually, starting a business while working on your job and taking care of your family requires a high level of balance. To ensure that everything has been taken care of, you need to find and use time effectively to meet all your obligations. You need to avoid all forms of distractions that might be taking large chunks of your time. You need to turn off Netflix and switch yourself off social media to realize your goals. Never underestimate the importance of building relationships. You need to surround yourself with people who can help you grow faster.


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